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With summer fast approaching, CRL Studios will make sure you'll have plenty of new music to take with you on your holidays! After reading this update you'll be fully up to speed with the goings on at CRL Studios.

Apolyon's Visage
-From the creative minds behind Alberta's Virtual Terrorist comes a new side-project that sees the lads move into Witch House territory. Their debut album is set to release in May and is sure to turn some heads.

Angel Of Violence
-Angel of Violence…

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With 2013 well underway and a host of released material in January, it’s now time to look toward the future. After reading this edition of the CRL Newsletter you’ll…

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Lurking Around The Corner

The roster of CRL continues to grow with new additions: Tineidae, Scrap Grinder and more! Tineidae has been a collaborator and friend of CRL submitting remixes for Lucidstatic, delivering incredible…

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