L ö W - Emit Nevig Yna

Music/Imagery inspired by Giordano Bruno and passages from the Book of Enoch/Astronomical Book.
"I can imagine an infinite number of worlds like the Earth, with a Garden of Eden on each one. In all these Gardens of Eden, half the Adams and Eves will not eat the fruit of knowledge, and half will. But half of infinity is infinity, so an infinite number of worlds will fall from grace and there will be an infinite number of crucifixions"


: c e r t a i n [ 6:05 ]
: locoeTTempore [ 4:02 ]
: The Gift to Infinity [ 6:43 ]
: Isochronal Behaviour [ 8:04 ]
: Isochronal Behaviour (rmx by Tineidae) [ 3:24 ]
: Isochronal Behaviour (rmx by Access to Arasaka) [ 5:26 ]


Release Date : February, 2013
Mastering by : Tokee
Photography by : Aurélie Scouarnec

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