Mothman - Summoner

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"Summoner" is Mothman's first album with CRL Studios, guaranteed to put the general populous on edge. Dark and deep, Mothman's brand of pseudo-dubstep/electronic/"crunk as fuck" hybrid music is the perfect soundtrack to the coming apocalypse. Whether you plan to spend your last days on Earth dancing or killing, the heavy beats and lingering sense of dread in this album will make you feel right at home. So strap on your dancing shoes or sharpen your anti-zombie swords - Mothman's got you covered.


: Madeit [ 4:35 ]
: Witch Shit [ 4:24 ]
: htohT [ 5:24 ]
: Drake's Drum [ 4:41 ]
: Summoner [ 5:02 ]


Release Date : June, 2012
Vocals on "Madeit" by : Otis Ray Gause
Cover Art by : Jayme Bass
Photography by : Jim McGuire
Cover Model : Kat Kalashnikov
MUA/Hair Styling : Mandi English

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