Echo Grid - Mechanized EP

[Aphelion] is developing a reputation as an ambient producer, catching several high profile eyes with his genre-bending, spell weaving downtempo IDM style. With a style firmly rooted in contemporary acid music and drone, while drawing influences from his current time on CRL, [Aphelion] can easily be described as the soundtrack for the space fairing age.


His debut E.P "Aonarach" was a resounding success, garnering attention worldwide for its intelligent soundscapes, distinct melancholy and mysterious textures which signify the [Aphelion] sound. The follow-up to 'Aonarach' will feature 2 brand new tracks together with several IDM remixes from CRL artists like Psykkle, Pandora's Black Book and Human-Error. The 'Mechanized EP' will be the perfect build-up to the debut album that's coming out later this year.

From bleak melancholy to hopeful optimism, [Aphelion] is the true definition of an artist. This is the future.


: Mechanized [ 4:57 ]
: Core [ 6:24 ]
: Mechanized (Pandora's Black Book Remix) [ 6:02 ]
: Mechanized (Mechanoreceptor Remix) [ 4:44 ]
: Mechanized (Psykkle Remix) [ 4:06 ]
: Mechanized (Human-Error Remix) [ 3:47 ]


Release Date : June, 2013
Mechanized Written and Performed by : Chris Anderson
Mastering by : Tokee
Cover Art by : Tom Box

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