James Church

This profile is meant to follow the ongoing support James Church gives to the local and global underground scene of electronic music and its artists. James has brought CRL Studios to the world and moderated its online sites since 2005. He got CRL Studios on the global map via networking and submission of music to various netlabels, podcasts, and radio/club djs, and through his various musical endeavors. James maintained the publication and writing tasks of the Delete? zine, originally started by Mechboi666/Koma in 2001. He continued the release of the Delete? zine until 2005. He has also submitted reviews to various online sites of other musicians' work and conducted interviews with many new artists within the genre.
Below are links to read the interviews and reviews he has written for various sites (Connexion Bizarre, Carpe Nocturne, CRL studios, etc.), and the compilations James has personally compiled for release.


: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: Evolution
: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: While You Were Out
: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: The Third Wavelength (Death)
: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: The Third Wavelength (Motion)
: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: The Third Wavelength (Life)
: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: The Second Wavelength (Dark)
: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: The Second Wavelength (Light)
: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: The First Wavelength
: V/A - CRL Studios Sampler 2010
: V/A - You Are Here: A Compilation of Alaska Electronics
: V/A - CRL Studios Sampler 2008


: Tommy T of Diverje/DSBP records/Cyberage Radio
: Lingouf
: Nick of Fractured Transmission
: Nikki of Prometheus Burning
: Karloz of Manufactura
: Jeff of Defrag
: Pierre of Fractional
: Sumibraxis of Angel of Violence
: Rob of Access to Arasaka
: B of Mangadrive


: I/dex - Layers
: Mono-Amine - Do Not Bend
: New Zero God - Fun is a Four Letter Word
: Memmaker - How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising [Deluxe Edition]
: Worms of the Earth - The Lesser Ophidian Gate
: V/A - 10 Years of Transmission
: Klangstabil - Vertraut
: Torrent Vaccine - Focus
: V/A - Thesis Vol. 1
: V/A - Wrapped In The Guise of My Friend [Covered Attrition]
: The Prayer Tree - The Prayer Tree
: Ginormous - The Sound of Love Impermanent
: Caustic - And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Vomit
: 16 Pad Noise Terrorist / Tlic / Cyperkid - 12" split
: Dicepeople - Time To Play
: Autodafeh - Identity Unknown
: Bitch Brigade - Dendrite
: Defcon - Flat Black Philosophy
: Imminent - Cask Strength
: Everything Goes Cold - vs. General Failure
: Atmogat - Trigger Event
: Lolita Terrorist Sounds - Rudiments and Bases for the New Millenium
: Voide - Humachine
: A Beautiful Curse - As it Should Be
: The [Law-Rah] Collective - Solitaire
: Defrag - Lament/Element
: Roughhausen - Someone's Got To Pay
: Millipede - All My Best Intentions
: Dead Voices on Air - Fast Falls the Eventide
: Roto Visage / Worms of the Earth - Celestial Malaise
: Poordream - Immaterial Monarch
: Mind Disruption - Fuck Yeah!
: V/A - The Clock Machine Turns You On: Volume 2

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