Separation Device

Separation Device is the new side-project of Sorin Paun (aka Randomform) from Bucharest, Romania.

With his wires rooted in Drum'n'Bass, fusing twisted Amen breaks with IDM influences and dark atmospheres, Separation Device set out to create a soundtrack for a dark future where all humans are cyborgs and life is a continuous struggle for mechanical body parts. The machines have now become self aware and carry experiments on humans, keeping them as lab rats in closed cities all over the world.

The debut album "Exoskeleton Removal Machine" will be out on CRL Studios early 2013.


: CRL Studios Presents: Reconnection [ 02.13 - CRL Studios ]


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: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: Evolution [ 12.12 - CRL Studios ]

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: Exoskeleton Removal Device [ Machinist ]
: Exoskeleton Removal Device [ Sitting Now ]

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CRL038 - Separation Device - Exoskeleton Removal Machine