Serenity Cell

Serenity Cell is the solo project of Evan Collingwood, as an outlet to express the beauty seen through eyes jaded by a decaying world, and the purity that lays beneath the bitterness. Combining atmospheric emotion with rhythms crushed under the weight the piling rubble, Serenity Cell will seduce you into a world where the terror of the darker beauty reigns true.


: Serenity Cell EP [ 08.12 - CRL Studios ]


: Cryogenic Echelon - Atop The Ivory Tower [ 08.12 - CRL Studios ]

Collabs, Compilations, and Side Projects

: V/A - CRL Studios Presents: The Third Wavelength (Death) [ 06.12 - CRL Studios ]

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: Serenity Cell [ Regen ]
: Serenity Cell [ Sounds Behind The Corner ]

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CRL024 - Serenity Cell - Serenity Cell EP