Static Logic

Static Logic is the experimental bastard child of James Church (aka Lucidstatic). This project allowed for an open firing range of styles and more than a few opportunities for guest noise terrorists to jump onboard. The premise for the project is a noise collective. The original songs are sonic ventures that have no regard for the listener. The guest manipulations are utilizing sometimes a single element or all the elements to create their own vision for the song.

This is a punk in your face approach to no nonsense music and a return to the source of inspiration.


: Static Logic [ 03.12 - CRL Studios ]


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Collabs, Compilations, and Side Projects

: V/A - Tactical Insertion [ 12.11 - Re:Automation ]

Remix Kits

: Static Logic - Potential In Progression Of Evolving Soundwaves (PPE) [ 35.1mb .zip ]
: Static Logic - Rothko [ 41.2mb .zip ]
: Static Logic - Terminal [ 31.4mb .zip ]


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CRL017 - Static Logic - Static Logic