Lithia is the Experimental/IDM/Industrial project of DJ/Producer Brandis Grier.

This was inspired by the riveting club energy at an early age. Growing around musicians with such devotion to Electronic music and the uncontrollable urge to put sounds together, helped to make this better half announced. Observation and reflection.

After spending many late nights mixing in the bedroom and DJing at local clubs/events (2001) in the Southeastern area as well as a DJ in New England (at Portland, Maine, Gothic Maine, event Plague) and some events in Washington D.C. metro area, it was time to take the direction towards production starting in 2010.

Influences include Ellen Allien, Miss Kittin, cEvin Key, Download, Skinny Puppy, Autechre, Tonikom, Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk. It pretty much ranges from old school Industrial/Noize all the way to the clubby dance stuff to Jazz and Classical. You could pretty much say there is something there for all Electronic music… or just sound in general.


: Lithia [ 06.13 - CRL Studios ]
: Tarnish [ 11.12 - CRL Studios ]


: Dyskhord - The Harmony [ 05.12 - CRL Studios ]
: Advanced Synthesizer Instrumentals - Biosphere (Single) [ 03.12 - Advanced Synthesizer Instrumentals ]

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: Blip-Blop Electronic Music Magazine [ 12.11 ]


: Lithia [ Sounds Behind The Corner ]
: Tarnish [ Regen Magazine ]
: Tarnish [ Sounds Behind The Corner ]

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: Lithia - Tarnish

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CRLF043 - Lithia - Lithia

CRLF033 - Lithia - Tarnish