Cryogenic Echelon - Demigod

"A free single leading up to the release of our second album Antipode
This is a song very close to my heart. Aaron of Sleepless killed it with these vocals. Thank you Aaron. And another thank you to Lawrie of Studio-X for helping me out and bringing the production and writing to a whole new level. And lastly, thank you to the inspiration of this song.

I hope you all enjoy this song, to show what we have in store. Antipode will be released October 10th.
Much Love.


: Demigod (Featuring Sleepless) [ 5:50 ]
: Demigod (Psykkle Remix) [ 6:18 ]
: Demigod (Freakangel Remix) [ 3:15 ]


Release Date : September, 2012
Written by : G.Hawkins, A.Potter, L.Masson
Cover Art by : [makina]

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