Lucidstatic - Under The Influence Vol. 1

This is the first installment of cover songs I've done with other electronic artists. These covers pay tribute to some of my early influences and incredible musicians that inspired me over the years.

Thank you to Sean/Produkt, James/Sinsect, and Sumibraxis/Toothgnasher for loving these songs as much as I do and helping me pay tribute. Also a huge thanks to Keldrick/Stereophonicshock Audio/Visual Propaganda Industries for the incredible art and James and Tokee for the fantastic mixdowns/mastering (and for being patient with my demands). Most of all thank you listeners for sticking by me and my noisy quest over the years! We have many more to come I assure you!


: Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen (ft. Produkt) [ 5:59 ]
: Megadeth - Dawn Patrol (ft. Sinsect) [ 5:00 ]
: David Bowie - Within You (ft. Sumibraxis of Toothgnasher) [ 4:22 ]


Release Date : September, 2013
Mastering by : James Orez and Tokee
Cover Art by : Stereophonicshock Audio/Visual Propaganda Industries

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