Early 2008, a new face joined the ranks of the Alaskan music scene. DownstroyD felt the urge to create a name for himself after creating enough tracks to hit the music communities' ears with. DownstroyD is far from new to the electronic scene. It all started in mid 2002 when he met Lucidstatic and found the tools he needed to put his ideas and emotions into a new medium of art... NOISE!

Beginning with various software programs full of nobs and cranks, the sounds started to come together. If you have followed his works at all previous to releasing them under the title of DownstroyD, you will notice that there is a great distance between the birth and completion of each individual track. You also come to expect the A.D.D. in the tracks with their randomness and influences, followed by the O.C.D. with precision to staggering beat layouts and time put into each song.


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Collabs, Compilations, and Side Projects

: V/A - You Are Here: A Compilation of Alaska Electronics [ 01.10 - Connexion Bizarre ]
: V/A - Dark Step 10th Anniversary [ 06.09 - ]
: DTL - Noisy Bitches EP [ 01.09 - CRL Studios ]
: V/A - CRL Studios Sampler 2008 [ 12.08 - CRL Studios ]
: Lucidstatic - Gravedigger [ 07.08 - Tympanik Audio ]

Remix Kits

: (unreleased) - What To Do In Case of Fire [ 11.7mb .zip ]
: You Are Here: A Compilation of Alaska Electronics - Lul3r [ 15.0mb .rar ]


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