Tokee & Rozen

Anatoly Grinberg (aka Tokee) and esoteric singer Anatoly Rozenberg brings you a healing music, combination of strange sounds and incredible voice.

This is the first EP release of this collaboration. Esoteric healing refers to power towards correcting disease and disability, with esoteric meaning perception or knowledge that could be for an initiated individual or a mystic individual.

What is Esoteric Healing? 'Healing' means 'to make whole'. Esoteric Healing is about making whole at every level, not just physically. It helps to contact your higher purpose or 'true self' and bring this into harmony with everyday life. An Esoteric Healing practitioner helps you to do this for yourself.


: Promise [ 02.12 - CRL Studios ]


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CRL015 - Tokee & Rozen - Promise